Why Bayern Munich fans banned from Arsenal trip

Premier League giants Arsenal will benefit from Bayern Munich fans not being at their home game in the Champions League.

The two European giants go head to head in the quarter finals of the competition.

UEFA sanctioned Bayern for their fans throwing fireworks onto the pitch during a game against Lazio this season.

“We have to accept this punishment. Not only were pyrotechnics set off, but also fired deliberately onto the field, directly endangering bystanders,” said Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen.

“This was such an explicit violation of the conditions of probation that an appeal is unfortunately futile.

“In general we’re very happy that we’re in the quarter-finals, but the fact we now have to play away without the support of our fans is a big blow.

“A small group of individual offenders have done a disservice to all our supporters and the team.

“However, I am confident that our team will find a way to deliver the top performance that will be needed in the quarter-finals.”


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