‘He’s unbelievable’: Kai Havertz is astonished, declaring that he has never seen anyone quite like the 22-year-old Arsenal player.

Kai Havertz expresses his astonishment, stating that he has never come across a player quite like the 22-year-old Arsenal player

Arsenal emerged victorious against Bournemouth today as they persistently pursued the title, and Kai Havertz expressed admiration for one of his fellow teammates.

Once again, Havertz played a pivotal role for Arsenal in their triumph by earning a crucial penalty in the first half, resulting in Bukayo Saka’s goal that granted the Gunners the lead.

For Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, it was yet another industrious display that enabled them to secure the victory without ever truly reaching their peak performance level.

Certainly, Arsenal relied heavily on their key players during crucial moments. Once again, Declan Rice demonstrated his indispensability, while Havertz and Saka also made significant contributions.

It is worth noting that Havertz has experienced a remarkable resurgence in form in recent weeks. However, rather than seeking personal recognition, the German player took the opportunity to commend his teammate, Bukayo Saka.


During an interview with TNT Sports following the match, Havertz acknowledged that he witnesses Saka’s exceptional talent every day during training sessions. He further expressed his belief that England is fortunate to have such a gifted player in their team.


Saka’s exceptional talent and consistent performance never fail to impress. At just 21 or 22 years old, he stands out as a player like no other.


England truly has a gem in their hands. Saka’s unwavering determination is evident in his daily hunger for improvement, and his exceptional skills are showcased even during training sessions.


As Havertz rightly points out, Saka’s hunger for success is palpable, making him the perfect fit for important moments at Arsenal.


Despite the setback of missing a crucial penalty for England in the last Euros, Saka’s resilience and character shine through, as he now takes on the responsibility of being the main penalty taker for his club.


Currently, Saka holds a prominent position as the key player at Arsenal. It is not only the fans who appreciate his skills, but even Champions League winners like Kai Havertz recognize his talent.


Today, when his team required his contribution, he maintained his composure and successfully scored, leading them towards a vital three points in the Premier League.

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