Anthony Davis on Lakers’ ‘Biggest Downfall’ This Season

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The Pelicans blew out the Lakers 129-109 on Sunday, which put LA at 17-17 and Anthony Davis has pinpointed his team’s biggest downfall this season.

The loss marked LA’s second loss in a row and Davis recorded 20 points and ten rebounds.

After the game, he spoke about how the team’s lack of availability is becoming quite detrimental.

“They were killing us on the glass,” Davis said.

“And then Rui [Hachimura] goes out. I just said that’s going to be our biggest downfall this year. Not being able to stay healthy, especially coming off a back-to-back. You’re already missing Cam [Reddish], DLo.

“Obviously, Gabe [Vincent] is out for an extended period of time, but then Rui goes down. Now, our rotation is smaller. You lose another body as far as scoring, but yeah, I mean, defensively, we gave up a lot of threes.

“They had 10 in the first half. Obviously, there are some guys that we wanted to shoot, and they made them. There’s nothing you can do about it.

“I think our effort to start and our attentiveness was very low. Just from the point of C.J. [McCollum], a lot of his threes were butt-naked. That’s tough to deal with.”


Fan favorite Austin Reaves finished the night with 20 points and nine assists and was also clearly frustrated with where the team is at.

“I want to win and that’s the main goal at the end of the day wins and losses is why you play the game,” Reaves said.

“You want to win. And as a team, I believe that you know what our goal is to do is win. And you know since the in-season tournament we’ve been struggling. Health, you know injuries, sickness, you know we’ve kind of had some bad fortune there.

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