Barcelona president accuses Real Madrid ace Jude Bellingham of attempting to ‘fool’ referee vs Almeria

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The recent Real Madrid game against Almeria has become a hot topic in Spanish football, with many raising questions over the quality of refereeing in that game.

One of the fiercest critics has been Barcelona president Joan Laporta, who publicly complained about VAR decisions made in the Real Madrid – Almeria, particularly in relation to the goal that was awarded to Vinicius Jr.

Shortly after his public comments, Laporta also sat down with Mundo Deportivo to further expand on the reasons behind his public protest against the referees.

When asked if the competitions have been altered by poor refereeing, Laporta said, “Man, with these results yes, because it’s not just this Sunday. We have been analyzing the issue and there are already a series of points that our rival has achieved by benefiting from referee decisions.

“Now, I also have to say we are used to this, huh? We have always fought against the elements, we know what they are. But this time they were being too obvious and that is why our formal complaint to the Federation,” he added.

Laporta added that Barcelona players were even demotivated by how things panned out in the Real Madrid game, as they were hoping for Los Blancos to draw with Almeria.

“Above all, I am worried about the morale of our players, because, at the end of the Benito Villamarín game, where we played a good game and we were proud of how it went because goals were scored, I saw the players worried about what happened at the Bernabéu,” he said.

Laporta speaks out (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

“Of course, as a club, we have to take action on the matter. I am a president who does not hide from facing situations and I think that I have to raise my voice in this case because I see an injustice and when we see this injustice we denounce it and we want those who have the responsibility of solving this issue to take action on the matter. and make decisions to correct it,” Laporta added.

The Barcelona president was also asked about Real Madrid TV’s decision to post videos of referees’ misdoings before key matches and whether or not that puts pressure on the referees.

“Completely,” Laporta said. “This is what I have told the president of the Spanish Federation. The Technical Committee of Referees depends on the Spanish Federation. He has told me that what is past is past and that they plan to take action on the matter.”

“He also told me that the referees do not feel pressured, he wanted to reassure me in this regard. I have absolute respect for the referee team. I have said it and I say it without fissures.

“But we are also seeing situations that are worrying us a lot and if this continues, it will be very difficult for us to achieve our objectives. Our coach Xavi already said it. In the squad, the players are doing a very good job, overcoming a series of obstacles,” he added.

Indeed, Xavi did not hesitate to launch a scathing attack on Real Madrid after the Almeria game, highlighting the impartiality of the referees and how it has become almost impossible to win La Liga.

“Football is epic, stories of overcoming and being consistent. I think they are working in this direction. We are working well. I am sure that the fruits will be seen on the field in terms of the game, also in terms of the results. But of course, the competition cannot be adulterated any further with decisions like those made last Sunday at the Bernabéu,” Laporta highlighted.

When asked about one incident that surprised him the most from the Real Madrid – Almeria game, Laporta mentioned Jude Bellingham, even criticising the Englishman for trying to fool the referee.

“In the disallowed goal against Almería, I see that Bellingham grabs the opposing player’s shirt. There is a detail that for those of us who have played football, I think is illustrative: when Bellingham is on the ground he looks askance at the referee as if to say ‘let’s see if I have fooled him or not.’ And then the play continues and it is a legal goal for me,” Laporta said.

Real Madrid, though, appear to be unfazed by the barbs from Laporta and Xavi. In fact, they have put out a strong statement against Barcelona, shortly after the comments from these two individuals.

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