Real Madrid’s 3-2 comeback will only be remembered for one thing: VAR

How the Real Madrid – Almería match played out

Real Madrid-Almeria

In a match that will likely be overshadowed by controversy, the focus of discussions surrounding the clash between Real Madrid and Almeria will undoubtedly be the VAR.

Talk of the game, which lasted 104 minutes, is expected to extend well into the night as the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and LaLiga make public the VAR audio recordings. Regardless of the refereeing drama, the match showcased a thrilling blend of highs and lows, leaving an indelible mark.

The initial 45 minutes witnessed a lackluster performance from Real Madrid, only to see a spirited comeback in the second half – a scenario that resonates well with the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu faithful.

Jude Bellingham and Dani Carvajal orchestrated the comeback, with the latter netting the decisive goal in the 98th minute.

Edgar scored his best-ever goal

One of the unforgettable moments of the game occurred when Almeria defender Edgar Gonzalez delivered a stunning volley from 25 meters into the top corner, giving his team a two-goal lead.

Despite Nacho Fernandez’s subpar performance for Real Madrid and his involvement in Almería’s goals, the brilliance of Edgar’s goal rightfully captured attention as one of LaLiga’s memorable moments.

Poor outing by Nacho

Nacho’s afternoon took a downturn as he committed errors leading to Almeria’s first two goals, prompting his replacement at halftime due to Carlo Ancelotti’s dissatisfaction with his performance.

Impossible to know if it’s a handball

The match’s central figure became Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez, the VAR official, intervening three times to review decisions favoring Real Madrid. The first two incidents, a handball penalty and a foul on Bellingham, were indisputable.

Jude Bellingham
Jude BellinghamDaniel GonzalezEFE

However, in the third instance, there was a possibility that the VAR acted hastily. The on-field referee observed a handball, but on TV, it was impossible to determine how the Brazilian player made contact with the ball.

Bernabeu loving it

The dissatisfaction of the Bernabéu crowd at halftime turned into jubilation as Real Madrid mounted a spectacular comeback in the second half. Ancelotti’s halftime pep talk seemingly worked wonders as the team displayed resilience, embodying the spirit of a classic Bernabeu comeback.

Fran Garcia gave Real Madrid a boost

An impactful decision by Ancelotti was the introduction of Fran Garcia at halftime, injecting fresh energy and dynamism into the team. Garcia proved influential in attack, offering a different dimension to Real Madrid’s left flank.

What if Bellingham scored that bicycle kick?

Bellingham’s penalty goal restored parity, but the highlight that will resonate in summaries and highlights will be his acrobatic attempt, a breathtaking bicycle kick that nearly secured a 3-2 lead for Real Madrid.

Although it missed the target, the aesthetic beauty of the effort earned applause from the Bernabéu faithful.

Almeria and Real Madrid players get into a tussle

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