Kroos: “My relationship with Real Madrid is too good for there to be problems

Germany Training Session And Press Conference

In his much anticipated return to the German National Team, Toni Kroos, Real Madrid’s eminent midfielder, spoke to the media while on international duty. With the European Championship looming large on the horizon, Kroos provided insight on his decision to return, as well as his contract situation with Real Madrid,

His conversation with Julian Nagelsmann

“I don’t think I have anything to prove to anyone, that’s what matters to me. When the national coach asked me if I would like to play in this tournament, my main concern was, can I help this team? I asked myself that question and I think I answered yes. The national coach believes the answer is yes, so it was a decision in this context… My concern is if I can help.”

His Real Madrid contract situation

“There is no problem with Real Madrid. We’ll see, we’ll talk again.. I’m still in the decision-making process. The relationship between the club and me is too good for there to be problems, and I think both parties are very relaxed… Because we are doing well in the season, the season is going well for us. And I think we will find a satisfactory solution for both parties.”


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