Seгgio гamos gгabs Antonio гüdigeг’s cɦeeks in a ɦeated scuffle duгing Sevilla-гeal Madгid

Seгgio гamos gгabs Antonio гüdigeг’s cɦeeks in a ɦeated scuffle duгing Sevilla-гeal Madгid

Sergio Ramos grabs Antonio Rüdiger’s cheeks in a heated scuffle during Sevilla-Real Madrid

This was Sergio Ramos’ reunion with Real Madrid: he saved a called goal and grabbed Rüdiger’s cheeks

In the 42nd minute, after several chopped plays, the Sevilla player went after him, holding his face with both hands.

Sergio Ramos experienced his first reunion with Real Madrid wearing the Sevilla shirt. The center back was one of the best on his team in the first half, avoiding several very dangerous plays. Among them, a goal scored in the 35th minute. A cross shot from Kroos finished off by Alaba headed towards the goal without Nyland being able to prevent it. When everything pointed to the whites’ first goal, the captain appeared to, with his knee, kιck the ball over the crossbar.

For such a special occasion, he had Antonio Rüdiger as his dance partner. Ramos’ strong character collided with the German’s madness. They matched up on set pieces and, although things did not escalate, there were clashes and moments of tension between them. First, with a play in the Sevilla area, which ended with an ironic smile from both of them as they held each other. The mess was brewing.

In the next action, this one in the white area, they met again after the local elbowed Bellingham. Rüdiger went after him, to reproach him for his action. While Ramos grabbed him by the cheeks, the Madrid defender held him from behind. The rest of the companions mediated to separate them.

They ironed out rough edges in one of the first actions of the second half. After a foul on Navas, they saw each other again after the break. With respect and good vibes, they hugged each other in the Real Madrid area, as if nothing had happened between them.

It wasn’t all aggression and tension. Ramos greeted and chatted with many of his former teammates before and during the match. That respect was seen from the initial greeting. In it he embraced Carvajal, Kroos, Rodrygo, Vinicius and Alaba, although he did not meet with the latter. In fact, he was the one who took his place when he finished his contract.

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