Real Madrid Plans Contract Adjustment for Bellingham Amid Mbappe Signing to Maintain Squad Harmony

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Real Madrid is considering an adjustment to Jude Bellingham’s salary following the arrival of Kylian Mbappe, according to Ramon Alvarez de Mon.

The report indicates that Kylian Mbappe has already signed his Real Madrid contract and will earn around €30-35 million gross, approximately €15 million net. Jude Bellingham, having rejected significant offers from City and Liverpool last summer to join Madrid, currently earns around €8 million net. The idea is to align the salaries of Kylian, Jude, and Vinicius, maintaining the club’s strict hierarchical wage structure. The goal is to ensure that Mbappe’s signing does not disrupt the squad’s balance and the perceived value of each player. Alvarez de Mon’s report also suggests that other players might see salary adjustments.

Despite having joined only eight months ago, Bellingham has already merited a potential salary increase. He has surpassed all expectations, becoming one of the team’s standout players alongside Vini and Kroos. The Englishman’s commercial impact has been undeniable, with his celebration becoming a trademark and even prompting Adidas to create a logo or icon for his boots

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