The four players Arsenal need to win the Premier League title next year

Mikel Arteta, Kai Havertz and Zinchenko

It’s the second Mailbox after the night before. There’s plenty about Spurs fans but let’s talk about Arsenal and how they improve.

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What Arsenal need to win the Premier League title
Arsenal did very well this season (in the PL) and Arteta has implemented standards that were previously obsolete, due to the derelict clown that was previously in charge that oversaw consistent thrashings in every big game Arsenal played. Arsenal’s pathetic soft-touch flakiness under Wenger has finally been consigned to the dustbin.

Where Wenger was a tactical dunce who never practiced set-pieces etc, Arteta has maximised the coaching there. Arsenal finished the season with the best record v the Top 6, they had the best defence in the league and a club-record number of wins (more than the Invincibles).

Ultimately though, they will yet again finish empty-handed. To all those weirdos who celebrated the 0-0 Citeh away result when Citeh had a plethora of injuries and were vulnerable: Arteta was not brave enough. It was bizarre to see various Arsenal fans celebrating a 0-0 at their direct rivals (see mailbox) – why? This is not ambitious. Citeh were there for the taking but Arsenal did not go for it. It was not, “a good point” – I was criticised by the delicate Gooners for saying it then, but if you want to win the league…

The biggest crimes however, were the inability to beat a 10-man Fulham at home, losing to a Moyes West Ham at home and Gabriel Jesus skying a sitter at home to Spurs from 5 yards out to kill the contest. Inexcusable. All those matches showcased Arsenal’s inability to finish simple chances – with the Villa home fixture the Coup de Grace.

Citeh meanwhile have a back-to-back cyborg Golden Boot winner and various players who can create something out of nothing when Citeh are low on ideas (Foden, KDB, Bernardo, Doku). Arsenal have just one top creative outlet (Odegaard), and not one player capable of hitting 20 PL goals. Simple as that.

Arsenal need top-level players over the summer because the ones they currently have aren’t good enough to win anything, that is a Fact. Arteta gave Nketiah a new deal and the 14 shirt. Why? What has Nketiah contributed? Sod all. What has Gabriel Jesus contributed? Last season’s choke job had Jesus’ fingerprints all over it with sitters missed in key matches. He should be dashed out, pointless player. Pep must be still giggling at that one! What the hell is a Fabio Vieira? £40m for what? Reiss Nelson wanted to leave and Arteta begged him to stay: what has Nelson provided? These aren’t hindsight mistakes, they were all obvious at the time.

Arsenal have had two big opportunities to take a PL title off Pep and flunked both (although this season tbf isn’t a classic Bottle job like last season). Arteta needs to swallow his pride and bin off “projects”. Havertz is nice and all but it’s clear what Arteta needs to do over summer:

1. He needs to sign a top level finisher. Long overdue

2. He needs a creative attacking outlet like eg Paqueta of West Ham, Wirtz at Leverkusen

3. He needs a new midfielder to partner Rice who can play further up the pitch, like De Jong of Barca for instance. Get rid of Partey, injury-prone and over the hill.

4. He needs a quality Left back and should keep Tierney as back up

Arsenal have done very well this season but ultimately, history is written by the victors, and it’s another trophyless season (barring a miracle).

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