What Gabriel Magalhaes did after Arsenal goal controversy as problem resurfaces in big win

Gabriel Magalhaes will not be happy to learn that his goal for Arsenal against Crystal Palace has not been given.

Arsenal went into the game with Crystal Palace needing to win. Thankfully, they were able to put nerves to rest early in the game and cruised throughout to the three points with five foals scored.

The win puts Arsenal level with Manchester City again and up into third above Unai Emery’s Aston Villa. The game was not the most enthralling but that didn’t stop it from providing the opportunity for some interesting hidden moments.

Despite the game being shown on TNT Sports, football.london was in the ground and able to spot some things the television cameras missed on the day. From celebrations to frustrating fan attempts to improving the atmosphere, we caught plenty.

Front three formation

After the line-up was announced with both Gabriel Jesus and Leandro Trossard picked by Arteta there had been some discussion online about how they would form. However, as the warm-ups got underway the Belgian was indeed situated on the left with Jesus practising through the middle.

When the game kicked off it became apparent that this was indeed the case. Some might have asked the question why there was ever any discussion however with Trossard and Jesus being versatile enough to play centrally and wide it perhaps shouldn’t be too farfetched to have theorised that Arteta would switch it up.

Rice and Gabriel’s moment

Gabriel Magalhaes rose highest to open the scoring on the day. A Declan Rice corner was the perfect service and something of a new feature to the Gunners with it typically being Gabriel Martinelli or Trossard who would take them.

After the major celebrations had concluded and the ball was being placed on the centre circle to restart, Rice went over to Gabriel for a brief moment. Smiles on their faces at the success of something that was being trialled while away in Dubai.

Poor Gabriel

Gabriel was at it again when he scored the second from another corner, this time from the other side as Saka swung another high ball into the box. It has to be asked why these high crosses have not been utilised sooner considering the height of the team these days.

However there was some questions about whether the goal had been given to him or not but as the goal confirmation was read out in the stadium as indeed the defender’s after the play had already kicked off, Gabriel was spotted punching the air. I will not be the one to want to tell him that the Premier League have since confirmed that it was in actual fact an own goal. Poor Gabby.

Ashburton Army frustrations

The Ashburton Army are certainly struggling this season at half their previous capacity to have a significant effect on the atmosphere inside the ground. On numerous occasions, the attempts to get the back-and-forth chants from the Clock End to the North Bank fell on deaf ears.

The ballot system has often come into question, but the main scrutiny has fallen on the decision to cut the Ashburton Army’s allocation. When you experience games like today you can understand why there is such frustration at that decision with a very quiet Emirates Stadium throughout.

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